Voice Solutions

Consistent Experiences

Today's customers use whatever tool is most convenient for them at the moment they wish to reach out to you. That's why it's important to consider your message from all angles, and strive for the greatest consistency of sound and experience you can.

From your contact center and automated self-service apps to your website, training needs, and corporate communications, we'll use Contact Center Charisma to create a consistent feel across the enterprise, and leave you looking organized, responsive and trustworthy.

Contact Center

"It's always a pleasure to work with Walsh Media. They have worked very hard to understand our business and provide relevant and helpful script suggestions that reflect their industry expertise"

Music On Hold Samples

We have a vast selection of music available, licensed through Firstcom Music and BMI. This is just a random sample. Please work with your Project Manager to find just the right sound for your queue environment.

Blues Classical Jazz New Age Country Pop

Hear more Music On Hold Samples.

The more fluid, uniform, and easy to navigate your applications, the more positive the impact on the total customer experience. Rather than splitting these efforts across a variety of vendors, turn to your single source: Walsh Media. Our Voice Project Managers will come to understand your full contact center experience, and how the applications can best work together.

Speech Recognition & Touch Tone IVR

Whether Touchtone IVR prompts, Speech Recognition prompts or blended, automated self-service is the backbone of any contact center experience. We'll help you enhance the convenience and efficiency of your applications, while remaining sensitive to the dynamics of your call flow. We'll evaluate your verbiage, boost brand consistency, carefully guide voice selection, record your voice talent and deliver plug and run prompts. We're experienced with popular call back technology that maximizes your caller's time and minimizes their effort, and can help you with sourcing Text To Speech (TTS) alternatives as well. We'll support your self-service apps with voice coaching and audio that conforms to a consistent presentation each time you amend your enterprise solutions.

Call Processing & Auto Attendants

Auto Attendant Greetings, Voice Mail Prompts and ACD Application recordings play just as important a role in call management as your Touchtone and Speech apps. You're expecting the same attention to detail, level of quality, and timeliness of service across all touch points. Your Voice Project Manager becomes familiar with your contact center globally, so they'll be attentive to how each specific product interacts with another.

Message on Hold

Inform. Inspire. Integrate. There's a lot you can accomplish in the queue. Understanding your on-hold environment is the first step.

We'll give careful consideration to your unique requirements, and those limitations that sometimes crop up, and make recommendations for the highest quality queue experience for your callers. Whether this means making time spent on hold useful, directing them toward a callback option, or a bit of both, it's a valuable opportunity to take charge of the customer experience.

Web Solutions

Website Audio

Audio is everywhere. Leaving it off your website cuts off one of your visitor's senses and takes an important opportunity to bond your product or service with your persona completely off the table.

Whether you're interested in a short, welcome audio blast, or something more interactive, like a virtual assistant, we'll support you across cyberspace.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants bring your brand to life. With them, you lend additional personality to an otherwise faceless medium. Now, visitors will have a name and face they can attach to. From straight-forward to animated, there are plenty of ways to use virtual assistants to augment your site.

Corporate Communications

Presentations to shareholders, video and slide-show marketing, FAQ support and even ADA compliance should have just as much brand-sensitivity as your other applications. We'll employ the same skills, attention and talent to your corporate communications that we do to your contact center applications.


Sharing your message to students or new staff via recorded eLearning opportunities is reliable, consistent, and cost effective. Embrace the tech-savvy nature of your younger clients and use it to your advantage.


The audiobook market is exploding. Whether you’ve authored a book and would like to publish the recorded manuscript, or are a talent voicing audiobooks and are looking for a production resource, we’re excited to help you get your project published for enjoyment and education. We are ACX approved Studio Pros!