Professional Services

Dedicated Voice Project Managers

Walsh Media gives each client a dedicated Voice Project Manager who becomes familiar with their applications and how those applications interact, as well as your business goals and objectives. They'll help you work through the complications of designing and maintaining a persona, provide script verbiage consulting, and establish production timelines with your staff and vendors. They'll also aide in establishing voice coaching requirements.

Personal Relationship

We don't accept auto-submissions to a nameless, faceless email address. Our clients work hand in hand with one of our Voice Project Managers. They'll discuss with you the scope of work, how your applications will interact with one another, the business' concerns, and so much more.

Developing a more in-depth understanding of your business establishes them as another member of your team, focused on helping you achieve your goals. And, this understanding of your customer contact points, leads to valuable contributions toward your verbiage and voice talent selections.

Persona Design

Persona Design really is within your reach. We've developed an effective, yet attainable, process that allows us to offer a quality representation for the sound of your customer experience, and which voice talent should deliver that message. And, we can do it quickly, within a reasonable budget.

Your dedicated Voice Project Manager will discuss with your team your application and pre-established elements of your brand, call center scripts and recorded conversations, past branding endeavors, current goals and objectives, and the direction of your company.

We'll then provide customized talent auditions from sample scripts we've developed together, using your name and verbiage, to help you confidently establish the way the world hears you, enterprise wide.

Script Consulting

We see a lot of different applications, and we work daily with the leading Service Providers, Developers, VUI Designers and Hosting Companies in the world to create quality contact center experience. This broad base of knowledge allows us to learn what works, what doesn't, what language callers are expecting to hear and what they are likely to respond positively to.

Your Project Manager offers valuable suggestions to help keep callers out of error recovery, eliminate jargon, incorporate conversational language that communicates clearly with your callers, and add to the overall optimization of your applications.

Voice Coaching

Through Persona Discovery and familiarizing themselves with your brand, our Voice Project Managers will work with our Audio Services Department to develop a brief, clear description of characteristics your voice talent should convey. They'll establish an accepted pace and tone for the different states of your customer touch-points.

We employ plenty of technology to get the job done:

  • 2 professional studios
  • Worldwide network of partner studios
  • Reaper and Sony recording and editing software
  • Gretch-Ken sound isolation booths
  • Shure and Sennheiser mics
  • ISDN, phone patch, Skype, Source Connect Now, and ipDTL + TEL connectivity

Our experienced voice coaching and engineering staff utilizes their considerable tools and unique understanding of your application, along with a rapport with our talent, to support your persona consistently over time, shaping the way the world hears you.