The Customer Experience

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

-Walt Disney
The Walt Disney Company

Download our guide on The Experience Production, and learn how to engage your customers' senses for a positive experience.

Efforts to engage customers, resolve their issues and provide an overall great "customer experience" is everyone’s focus. With the emergence of tools to provide CRM, navigation, enhanced environments and customer centric business rules, user expectations are ever increasing. To unify all these efforts you need more than a persona. You need "Contact Center Charisma". This paradigm shift incorporates the true art and science required to create the ultimate customer experience.

You may be tempted to think of your Contact Center purely in terms of phone communication. The Charisma approach to designing, scripting and programming applies to IVR, Web, eLearning...every single point of customer interaction.

Use Charisma to create a likeable and confident interaction across your enterprise, no matter where a customer turns, and win their confidence and loyalty! The voice, the delivery, the verbiage and the process, integrated with all available technology resources, creates a unique relationship with the customer and attracts them to engage this process favorably, repeatedly and with great satisfaction.

Contact Center Charisma is a new, more inclusive and expressive approach to increasing customer loyalty and forging long term relationships. You have the science. Let us add the artistic Charisma to make it even more successful.